Photo location miner written in Python

Wife had a problem a little while back where she needed to log the location of over 500 different photos multiple people submitted to her. Was a perfect opportunity to expand my python chops. Here is the code I came up with in the end. It scans the EXIF data in each photo, logs the information I want to a CSV, and then quits. If the photo does not have EXIF data it logs it in the CSV with a special place holder.

I may develop a proper GUI for it one day but the code works for what she needed it to do.

import exifread as ef
import glob
import csv
import os
import re

# Written by Richard Blanchette 090419
# "barrowed" from
# who "barrowed" from


def _convert_to_degress(value):
    Helper function to convert the GPS coordinates stored in the EXIF to degress in float format
    d = float(value.values[0].num) / float(value.values[0].den)
    m = float(value.values[1].num) / float(value.values[1].den)
    s = float(value.values[2].num) / float(value.values[2].den)

    return d + (m / 60.0) + (s / 3600.0)

def getGPS(filepath):
    returns gps data if present otherwise returns empty dictionary
    with open(filepath, 'rb') as f:
        tags = ef.process_file(f)

        if tags == {}:
            print('Bad File: ', filepath)
            DateTime = "None"
            latitude = "None"
            longitude = "None"
            print("Processed a total of", count, "pictures")
            input("Press Enter to Close....")

        DateTime = tags.get('EXIF DateTimeOriginal')
        latitude = tags.get('GPS GPSLatitude')
        latitude_ref = tags.get('GPS GPSLatitudeRef')
        longitude = tags.get('GPS GPSLongitude')
        longitude_ref = tags.get('GPS GPSLongitudeRef')
        UserComment = tags.get('EXIF UserComment')

        if latitude:
            lat_value = _convert_to_degress(latitude)
            if latitude_ref.values != 'N':
                lat_value = -lat_value
            return {}
        if longitude:
            lon_value = _convert_to_degress(longitude)
            if longitude_ref.values != 'E':
                lon_value = -lon_value
            return {}
        return DateTime, lat_value, lon_value, UserComment
    return {}

# This is to build the CSV and assign Headers
with open('imagelog.csv', mode='w', newline='') as imagelog:
    fieldnames = ['Filepath', 'DateTimeOriginal',
                  'GPSLatitude', 'GPSLongitude', 'UserComment']
    imagelog = csv.DictWriter(imagelog, fieldnames=fieldnames)


# Reset Counter
count = 0

print("Folder Name?")
FolderName = input()

#check if folder exists
if (os.path.isdir(FolderName)):
    print("Directory exist")
    print("Directory does not exist")
    input("Press Enter to Close....")

for filepath in glob.iglob(FolderName+'/*.jpg'):
    Time, Lat, Long, UserComm = getGPS(filepath)

    # snip text from user comment
    UserComm_str = str(UserComm)
    UserComm_Desc ='DESCRIPTION: (.*) WATERMARK:', UserComm_str)
    # print(

    # store data in spreadsheet

    with open('imagelog.csv', mode='a', newline='') as imagelog:
        fieldnames = ['Filepath', 'DateTimeOriginal',
                      'GPSLatitude', 'GPSLongitude', 'UserComment']
        imagelog = csv.DictWriter(imagelog, fieldnames=fieldnames)
        imagelog.writerow({'Filepath': filepath, 'DateTimeOriginal': Time,
                           'GPSLatitude': Lat, 'GPSLongitude': Long, 'UserComment':})

    # count number of files
        count += 1

print("Processed ", count, " of pictures")
input("Press Enter to Close....")

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